Improve your users' experience throughout the full customer journey


Smart recommendations

Create an popup that is triggered by specifc user behavior and give them a special offer or product suggestion that fits their needs best.


Upsell improvement

Make it easier for your clients to upgrade or purchase a better version of your service. With smart upsell options based on purchase data from your clients we help you find out what triggered their upgrade and re-produce these scenarios and show the right offer at the right time.



Recommend related products or offers by displaying them together on your product page or in the shopping cart. Cross-sell recommendation can be embedded in the content or use pop-ups with "Other users also bought" or "Don't forget to add this to your basket".


Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

To make sure more users convert, nudge your customers to purchase by showing them targeted promotions based on the products they added in their cart.


Improve product discovery

How to make sure your clients find what they are looking for? With product discovery features like personalizing navigation, menus, filters and category pages, you are lending them a hand to really find what they are looking for.