Improve your users' experience throughout the full customer journey



Help your new users with simplifying their onboarding process with handy tooltips. You can set them up the first time a signup enters your product and onboard them faster and stimulate engagement.


Customers' preferences

Learn more about your new users by asking them about their preferences. This will help you to understand better what they are looking for, so you can personalize their customer journey.


Welcome messages & introduction videos

Your product may take users some time to figure out how to make use of it. Onboard them with a introduction video or a tutorial, straight from the start and make sure they fall in love with the features and possibilities.


People like to talk to people

Introducing human interactions in the onboarding process, such as live chat or the option to schedule a demo, can help users to onboard faster. Not everyone is able find out how everything works, make sure to help them, so you can grow the activation rate.