Heatmaps show you how to

Heatmaps show you how to boost

Improve your website with
all-in-one heatmaps & analytics.

Ptengine analytics dashboard

Understand what visitors do onpage with heatmaps

See how visitors interact with your website with stunning click, scroll and attention heatmaps.

Use these insights to get more button clicks, fewer bounces and more eyeballs on the important parts of your pages.

Photo of Luke Kling

"The data provided by the Ptengine heatmaps has been absolutely critical in learning how to improve my conversion rate."

Luke Kling, Super Affiliate at Peerfly.com
Ptengine analytics dashboard

Use web analytics to stop bounces & lift conversions

Having data is good, knowing what to fix is best. Data center shows you how long people stay on page, the percentage of visitors that leave and which page they exit.

Setup conversion goals, events, funnels and campaigns to track every important metric.

photo of Joern Wilke

"Ptengine is like the ‘Google Analytics’ I can actually use! No confusing reports. Just awesome heatmaps that show me exactly what visitors do on my website."

Joern Wilke, Director at Office Fitout Professionals

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