Your visitors are

So fix it! Know exactly what your visitors want with Ptengine, the world's ONLY affordable, easy-to-use heat map + analytics tool.

Understand visitor’s behavior with Heatmaps

Discover what your visitors click, see, and pay attention to with stunning click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, and attention heatmaps.

Ptengine analytics dashboard
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"Ptengine is quickly catching the eye of many site owners... They offer a variety of features that I’ve found to be incredibly useful;their heatmaps provide a ton of insight."

Zac Johnson, Super Affiliate who has made millions of dollars online over his 20-year online marketing career.
  • Find the pages you need to improve with analytics

    Track how well your website and campaigns are performing with events, funnels, and conversion data.

Ptengine analytics dashboard
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“@Ptengine - the data you can get in there is seriously compelling. On my list of CRO tools to watch.”

Joel Klettke, award-winning SEO and TEDx Speaker who earned $230,000 in his first 2 years as a freelance CRO

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