A/B Testing

Master A/B Testing
for Big Wins

Optimize your website, enhance customer experiences, and boost online sales with seamless A/B Testing. No coding required to create multiple test versions. With detailed reports and intuitive tools, your marketing team can confidently run their first or advanced A/B tests. Make data-driven decisions and see measurable improvements fast with our user-friendly A/B Testing solution.

Be Creative

Run A/B-Tests Your Way

Thanks to no-code operations, you can run comprehensive tests, tweak page content, or experiment with pop-ups and sticky bars.

Match your content to what your audience wants

Stack up the performance and effectiveness of two landing pages

Intuitive Editor

Edit content directly and run tests using a visual editor, all while working based on what you see.

Split Tests

Run split tests between two different pages using just URL settings. This lets you test broader ideas (hypothesis) and see what works best.

Customer Interaction Experiments

Experiment with two or more pop-ups, testing different scenarios and interactions.

Advanced Testing in Code Mode

Partnering with engineers unlocks endless possibilities for unique experiments. Run fully customizable tests with no limits.

Targeted User Group Testing

Run tests exclusively for specific user groups. Gain deeper insights into different segments of users.

Flicker-Free A/B Testing

Rest assured, no need to fret about negative impacts on user experience, like slow loading or flickering.

A/B Test Launch

Quick and Smart Testing: Speedy Outcomes Guaranteed

We've got the smarts to spread out and calculate results for test versions intelligently. Plus, with algorithms that speed up tests, you'll know success or not in no time.

Better decision-making

Fast results

Learning more than just test outcomes

Winner Determination with Bayesian Model

With Bayesian algorithms, you can quickly figure out if something will succeed or not, even with fewer examples.

Flexible Adjustment of Test Reliability and Speed

You're in control: tweak the balance between reliability and test speed based on factors like sample size and test duration.

AI-Driven Smart Delivery

Leveraging machine learning from gathered data, we showcase the version that's likely to yield the highest conversion rate.

Test Results

Quickly Spot Success and Understand Why

In the results report, dig into wins and losses using more than just outcomes – consider user traits and traffic sources. This uncovers hidden insights that help shape your next steps.

Confirm hypotheses and gather insights

Get solid, convincing facts and evidence

Understand how different user groups react and turn it into opportunities

Get a Clear Picture of What's Winning from Different Angles

Check out test results from various goals and engagement measures, getting a better view from different perspectives.

Reports Tailored to Different Groups

Consult results based on user traits and traffic sources, giving you insight into how each group reacted to the tests.

Heatmap Integration

You can also check heatmaps for each A/B-Test, instantly getting a clearer picture of 'why we won' or 'why we lost.'

More Features

Web analysis & Heatmaps

Cut the guesswork, boost your know-how.

Instantly Understand the Backstory of User Behavior

Understand Your Website's with Diverse Reports

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Create engaging pop-ups without hassle.

Place widgets where you want

Adjust timing and audience

See how they perform, make things better

Loads of ready-made templates in the library

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Content Personalization

Custom experiences for each person, exactly when they need it.

Sort Users into Groups

Personalize offers and products

Create the Perfect Experience

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