The Heart of Ptengine

Our Start: Data Dreams to Reality

Our adventure started in 2010 with Robin and Leevis and a bold idea: Ptmind. Their goal? To make understanding data a piece of cake for people all over. Ptengine is our way of keeping that promise—continuously improving, just for you.

Meet our founders

Ptengine: Quality Meets Clarity

"PT" isn't just two letters to us—it represents the 'platinum' standard of what we do. It's about rare quality and clarity, which shines through in our tools. From gathering and interpreting data to perfecting your website's landing pages and fine-tuning through A/B tests, we craft each feature to help you make sense of the numbers with ease.

Ptengine: A Dual-Powered Engine for Growth

At Ptengine, we've harnessed the synergy of two components: Ptengine Insight and Ptengine Experience. Ptengine Insight serves as your analytical powerhouse, diving deep into data to fetch insights and revealing the hidden stories behind your website's performance. On the flip side, Ptengine Experience empowers you to act on those insights. Whether it's running A/B tests, crafting impactful marketing campaigns, or refining the user journey—every action is informed and strategic. Together, they form an unmatched duo, fueling your business with the clarity and precision needed for remarkable growth.

Making Data Work for You

We believe in the incredible potential of data—it’s like having a superpower for your business. Ptengine is all about turning complex data into clear, actionable steps that can pump up your conversions, skyrocket your sales, and create experiences your users will love. Plus, we'll help you get smart with your marketing budget. With our tools, you'll have what it takes to make quick, informed decisions and stay one step ahead.

Our Achievements

Ptengine has won several industry awards and badges, showing our commitment to quality and innovation. We are dedicated to delivering excellent service and solutions to our clients.

Our Team: A World of Perspectives

We’re a global bunch at Ptengine. Our team, hailing from countries like China, the US, Japan, the Netherlands, and Indonesia, brings a world of experience to the table. Think of us as a vibrant mosaic, drawing on our collective history at big names in tech to infuse every solution with diverse insights.

Our Dream: Making Data Second Nature

Imagine a world where data isn’t a maze but a clear path. That’s the future we're creating at Ptengine—where data is so user-friendly, everyone can harness its power without breaking a sweat. We’re not just simplifying data; we’re integrating it into everyday choices seamlessly.