From a team supporting business growth to a team supporting management

After introducing Ptengine to their workflow, RIZAP's English Marketing team was able to improve their understanding of data to drive organizational growth.  Compared to 1-2 years ago, they feel their progress towards a growth organization. Now every member is able to see the indicators or growth as demand increases.
RIZAP Co. Ltd.
Hiroshi Ono, Yuri Tada

Hiroshi Ono, Yuri Tada

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A 167% improvement in application rate on landing pages after using Ptengine

Even the data specialist team was astonished by the marketing team's ability to create a data-driven environment for decision making!

  • A 167% increase in application rate, 2.5-times increase in form input rate
  • A data workload that took 8 hours to complete is now finished in “0 seconds"


Mr. Ono (RIZAP Co., Ltd. Marketing Strategy Headquarters Media Marketing Department Promotions Strategy Unit, right) and Ms. Tada (RIZAP Co., Ltd. Marketing Strategy Division Media Marketing Department Sales Promotion Unit Mr. Tada, left) discuss their company, the background of implementing Ptengine, and their thoughts on the product.  

Q. Please tell us about your team’s responsibilities

“I belong to the Media Marketing Department. With 11 employees, our KPIs are focused on acquiring new customers. Because the marketing department is separated from other departments, in order to achieve the goals and budgets the business unit wants to achieve, we are always discussing what advertising activities will have an impact on our department managers. We are responsible for the entire cycle, from planning to execution."We spent 6 hours a day collecting and processing data, and thus weren't able to spend time focusing on our actual goals."  

Q. Please tell us about the issues you faced before the introduction

"We had an issue collecting and analyzing data. If we didn’t have accurate data, we could not accurately analyze. At the same time, we needed to spend our time effectively towards business growth. “Reduce wasted time” and “implement measures correctly based on data” became our thoughts towards improving our effectiveness.  

Mr. Ono -RIZAP Co., Ltd. Marketing Strategy Headquarters Media Marketing Department Promotions Strategy Unit

For example, our company has a particular focus on marketing. In one day, we’ll put out breaking news of our progress three or four times. Previously, one of these reports took around one or two hours of work. ‘Why would this take so much time?’ you might ask. Well, when a customer would see an advertisement and apply via email or phone call to our call center, we would have to collect the appointment information, aggregate the data, shape the data, remove duplicate data from the report...

For example, if there was a test appointment, there could be human error, etc. An entire day would be over before we knew it.   Also, in terms of really knowing the customer, at that time, we felt the limits of our access analysis service. Where do people gather? Where do they stay longer? If we know they are dropping off of the page, why are they? Without being able to account for these types of questions when reporting in-house, we had issues determining which measures were appropriate."  

"We were able to match our need for speed with PTMIND’s strong concept of “a tool that anyone can use."

Q. Why did you choose PTMIND?

We felt a shared belief in the product concept, “a tool that anyone can use”. We believed that by finding a tool that everyone could use in the future we would not only increase the speed from data to value but also increase the value itself. With that, we tried PTMIND’s solution and immediately felt the value.

Even if data literacy was not high, anyone could use it. We enjoyed that point. With our previous issues and our emphasis on speed, I felt that Ptengine and DataDeck were suitable data analysis tools. In addition, we also work closely with the development team. Thinking, “we want to do this kind of thing”, and seeing it implemented the next day and feeling that the entire company was serious about what the user's preferences were some of our deciding factors.  

Rizap using Ptengine

“…one of our signup pages experienced a 167% increase in applications. In addition, our whole team now watches company management indicators and have increased their understanding of data."

Q. After installation, what kind of effects have you seen?

In terms of effects, while using Ptengine, we have been able to grasp where potential customers are dropping off our pages. By understanding and delivering the information users were seeking, we were able to see improvements. For example, one of our signup pages experienced a 167% increase in applications. In terms of results besides concrete numbers, by what percent did the CVR increase, how did the landing page drop off rate improve, members were now able to attach quantitative information in their reports. We feel a large improvement in members' awareness.  

RIZAP using Ptengine

In terms of unexpected results, we were able to present to our business services department what kinds of numbers the marketing team sees and what kinds of analysis we were conducted internally. The response was great. We heard responses such as, “Wow! The media team was able to do this even though they have no engineers!" That was an unexpected result for us, and I think the same goes for the business services department (haha). I was glad to hear this kind of response from within the company.  

RIZAP using DataDeck

Q. What kind of things are you expecting from PTMIND/Ptengine in the future?

In the future, it would be great if we were able to report even more closely with management indicators. For example, next month’s prospective figures. I’d be grateful to automatically visualize such numbers in the future.  

RIZAP using Ptengine