Unify your Customer Data & Unleash its Power

Start stacking all your data in the Ptengine Customer Data Platform. Analyze and segment your audience, fine-tune customer experiences, everything will become more powerful than ever before.

Only for our Premium clients

All Your Data Connected, in One Place

We help you connect, merge and unify all your customer data in the Ptengine CDP. You can add any kind of data source like Saleforce, Google sheets, Mailchimp and much more including your own company database.

Visualize your data without coding

Ptengine's CDP can process, analyze and visualize big data in real time. Choose from dozens of pre-build templates that will help you create reports and find insights in a few clicks.

Visualize your data without coding

Audience segmentation made easy

Create audience segmentations in minutes with Ptengine's easy to use interface, without coding. Learn more about your specific user groups, such as their different browsing habits, key interactions and offer them what they are really looking for.

Audience segmentation made easy

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customers

With Ptengine's CDP you will be able to get a complete picture of every customer. Visualize the full customer journey so you can continuously optimize and increase performance. From a first time visit, to a completed purchase and beyond!

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customers

We're serious about security


Ptengine is committed to the confidentiality, data privacy and security of our customers and their end-users.

Data Encryption

All data us stored in encrypted RDS with a strong encryption algorithm. (RSA 4096 key)


We are SOC2, Privacy shield and CSA compliant.

Backup and Recovery

All data is backed up daily and can be fully restored within 30 days.