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Release Notes April 2024: Smart LPO Update and Added Page Settings Features


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Table of Contents

  1. Added all-in-one page settings — heatmap settings
  2. Updated calculation rules for average time on page
  3. Added screenshots for detailed reports
  4. Added names for segmentation features

Added All-in-One Page Settings – Coverage of Heatmap Settings

When analyzing pages, it is necessary to set up “Page CV”, “Blocks”, and “Elements for CTA”.

This update adds a “Page Setting” feature where these three settings can be configured in one place. This makes it easier to start analyzing pages immediately.

Updated Calculation Rules for Average Time on Page – Accurately Understanding User Attention

In the currently released Ptengine Smart LPO 0.5, the time users kept the page open in the background on smartphones was included in the time on page.

With this update, the above time is now excluded from the calculation, allowing for a more accurate measurement of time spent. This enables a more precise understanding of user attention.

*This update was released on April 11. It applies to all users of Ptengine Smart LPO 0.5.

Added Screenshots to Reports – Visually Understanding Blocks

Screenshots have been added next to the block names in the “Block” section of the “Detailed Reports.” This allows for a more visually intuitive understanding of each block.

Added Names to Segment Features – Quickly Identifying Segments

The “Segment” feature in Ptengine is a tool to understand users more deeply and specifically.

Based on specific user groups, behaviors, characteristics, etc., it allows for classifying users and reviewing clicks, attention distribution, and conversions on the page.

In this update, in addition to the traditional funnel icon, the word “Segment” has been added to the display to make it easier to locate the segment feature on the screen.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

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