Deliver data-driven customer experiences that boost your bottom line.

Ptengine is a complete marketing and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.


Helping over 150,000 companies drive growth

Faster, Smarter Conversions

By showing you how users interact with your site, Ptengine enables you to visualize each users' needs and accurately test your marketing hypothesis.

Reduce CAC with data-driven optimization

Keep up with what your customers want and increase end-to-end conversion rates. Quickly implement changes in your site and continually improve your visitors’ experience.

Foster loyalty with a connected, unified view of the individual visitor

Deeply understand your user's needs and personalize content fit for them. Ptengine lets you walk in the shoes of your customers and understand the ‘why’.

Empower your team and reduce operating costs.

Let your team analyze and act on data quickly. Run tests and implement changes faster and easier - streamline your teams work flow and let them focus on other tasks.

Your complete growth platform

Locate problems that stop your growth. By visualizing behavior we help our customers optimize high-impact changes. One example is identifying underserved customers and deliver product and marketing changes that increase conversion rate and drive a company’s bottom line.

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Engage helps build the experience that turns users into customers. Leverage robust data and insights from Ptengine and and merge your other data sources to eliminate friction in your acquisition funnel and give customers a truly tailored and targeted experience.

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Import data from external sources and combine it with data gathered by Ptengine for a 360 degree view. Use this to tailor content to individuals and deliver them a hyper relevant experience visit after visit.

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