Let your imagination fly, your ideas flow and your creativity soar.

Let your imagination fly, your ideas flow and your creativity soar.

Our Mission

In the present age where data is everywhere but not necessarily accessible, we aim to democratize it and turn it into new opportunities for all. In short, our aim is for everyone regardless of skill or background to benefit and utilize this most valuable resource on this planet.

Our Goal

The end goal is to effectively reduce the time between viewing data transforming it into action to zero. We look forward to removing all barriers to insights and opportunities.

Core Values

Ptminder blood runs deep in our veins. It’s a genetic make up that thrives off of the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurs and forerunners, seeking to leave a meaningful impact on the world by breaking obstacles and opening paths.

Used in over 130 countries world wide

By over 100,000 People

Our Team

Think globally, work globally. We are composed of members from more than 10 countries incuding, China, Japan, the United States, Russia and Canada. Our rich cultural makeup contributes to the width and inclusiveness of our approaches and ideas.

Innovative Thinkers
Pursuing innovation even at the cost of failure.

Absorbing facts with a broad perspective and learning in good faith.

Challenging our own ideas and breaking habbits.

Team Players
Seeing colleauges, customers and the broader world as part of our unit.

Some of the many Perks of being a Ptminder

Enabling work environment

Our work space is one in which everyone is involved in decision-making and speaks their mind.

Flexible working style

Work according to your own personal style and preferences.


A diverse family of aspirants speaking a total of more than 10 languages.

Growth Enablement

We provide opportunities, mentors and resources to enlarge one’s skillset, experience and standing.

Company Selebrations

Every employee’s birthday is a major event and attendance is a must! So is our Company Anniversary!

Free ice cream!

Maintaining sugar content is also a perogative. Creativity is a treat and what better way to emphasize this point than with declicious sweets.