Uncover what your visitors really want

To understand what makes your customers happy you need to understand their behavior. Ptengine Insights give you everything you need to get a complete understanding of your visitors - heatmaps, user behavior, in-depth segmentation and much more - all in one place.

Find your solutions

Understanding users’ and behaviors is a critical first step for enhancing the user experience.
  • Where do your users come from?
  • How do they interact with your content?
  • Where do they drop off?
Insight answers these questions. Analyze data quickly and promote collaboration across your team with simple and valuable data. Use analytics helps your team understand how people interact with your site and take action to improve their experience. Get fast answers to your questions and uncover insights about how your business is performing.

Heat Map Analysis

The perfect way to understand how people truly use your website
Ptengine gives you a color-coded analysis of your website elements that get the most and least attention.
When you see what people are clicking on, scrolling through, or ignoring on individual pages, you form a clearer understanding of what to change, A/B test, and improve—so you can give your users the experience they deserve.

Understand what your users are looking for

Take a deep dive into user behavior with detailed insights to learn the truth behind the horizon.
After seeing the visual story of what's happening on your site use Ptengines other tools that all work seamlessly together to help you dig deeper into where and for how long people got stuck or confused, and get their in-the-moment feedback as they browse through your website.

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Data Platform

Connect your user data to create the ultimate targeting platform. 🚀


Deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.