Understand your visitors

Use heatmaps and powerful web analytics to

analyze visitor behaviour and lift your conversion rate.

Ptengine Heatmaps

Re-design with confidence

Click, scroll and attention heatmaps show you exactly how people are using your website. Use these insights to design for more conversions and create a better experience for your visitors.

Ptengine Heatmaps

Make tons more money

What’s better? Buying more traffic or making the traffic you already get convert better? Use advance filters & stats to find losing pages, plug your leaky sales funnel and turn bouncers into sales.

Ptengine Heatmaps

All-in-one analytics tool

Don’t buy separate analytic and heatmaps tools. Use Ptengine to track all of the metrics that matter to your business for a fraction of the cost.

Ptengine Heatmaps

Free heatmaps and web stats

Install your site’s tracking code, look at the data and prioritize your site’s re-design. After 14-days upgrade to a paid plan or continue to optimize with one heatmaps free-for-life!

Photo of Zac Johnson

"Ptengine is quickly catching the eye of many site owners... They offer a variety of features that I’ve found to be incredibly useful; their heatmaps provide a ton of insight."

Zac Johnson, Super Affiliate who has millions of dollars online over his 20-year online marketing career.

Click heatmaps

Are your visitors clicking on the areas of your website where you want them to click? Or are they ignoring your “Buy now” buttons? With click heatmaps you get to see where users are clicking and skipping.

Attention heatmaps

Is your content engaging? Attention heatmaps show you exactly how long visitors stay reading particular content blocks. Use these insights to position elements on page for maximum exposure & conversions.

Scroll Reach heatmaps

What converts better -- Short or long page content? Do customers see your best selling products? Scroll heatmaps show you how far visitors scroll and where they leave your page.

Heatmaps compare

Doing A/B-tests on your website? Do a side-by-side heatmap comparison of each variation see how the design changes affect visitor’s actions.

Join with Ptengine

Use heatmaps and powerful web analytics to analyze visitor behaviour and lift your conversion rate.

Photo of Fiona Roddis

"One of the features that we love best about the heatmaps functionality Ptengine offers is the ability to compare two pages side by side. This has been invaluable for us, particularly when running A/B tests on the site."

Fiona Roddis, Editor, Case study with Web Analytics World

Responsive design segmentation

Segment and compare how visitors use your website on their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Optimize each design for more conversions given a particular device’s strengths and limitations.

Track campaign performance

Spending a lot of money on Adwords, affiliates or some other high cost source? Know exactly who is driving the most traffic and converting the best. Use this intel to raise or drop your spend with each source.

One-click filters

Apply one-click filters to any data set or heatmaps to see how browsing behavior differs from one visitor group to another. Filter on source, campaign, location, new vs returning, custom events and conversion goals. Advance data analyse couldn’t be easier!

Page analysis

Which product is selling best or isn’t selling at all. With page analysis you get all data per page: views, conversion, bounce rate or stay time. Want to know even more, zoom in on the heatmaps and learn everything about the quality of it.

Photo of Bishal Biswas

"I been using Ptengine since a while, what I truly like about it is it's simplicity, in-depth reports, and unbeatable performance. Well done Ptengine team".

Bishal Biswas