Deliver a personalized experience

Engage lets your team build an experience that turns your users into customers without help from programmers and designers. Leverage robust data and insights from Ptengine and merge your other data sources to give visitors a truly tailored experience.
Target and Trigger

Choose how often your offers appear

Decide how often you show any given promotion to your visitors, whether that’s once per visitor, every second visit, return visits only, etc.

Trigger based on visitor actions

Choose the absolute best moment for offers to appear as visitors explore a page. This can be upon arrival, after a delay, during scroll, after a click, or as someone’s leaving

Test new promotions

Use your targeted messaging for lead gen, coupon codes, limited-time deals, product announcements—or anytime you’ve got bonus value to offer.

Target your promotions with pinpoint precision

Show or hide offers based on the location of your website visitors, their past behaviors (cookie targeting), or their referral source (like social, paid, or organic).

Take the drivers sear

Engages builder allows you to fully take control of your promotion in just a few clicks — no coding needed. Just set your primary elements like images, CTA buttons, forms, social widgets, and text. The builder also allows you to use advanced features like embedded videos and third party integrations — and best of all — almost any type of custom HTML, CSS or JS.

Get more conversions with A/B testing

A/B testing is more than just a tool; it’s central for data-driven, conversion-focused marketing. Engage allows you to split traffic between two variations of the same message, and then use your dashboard to see which version performs better. Setting up A/B tests is simple. Each test will teach you more about how your visitors behave, and what motivates them to convert.

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