Case Study - Lower your bounce rate with Ptengine

In this image you can see the results for the OLD and NEW homepage of

Problem description

A lot of websites have a high bounce rate. Meaning people leave your website after seeing one page. In case of a blog, it’s common people read one article and leave. Our challenge is to get visitors interested in reading more. In this case study we zoom in on having this problem.

About WebAnalyticsWorld

It’s one the top analytics blogs out there. They talk about SEO, Google, conversion optimization and many more online topics. Fiona Roddis is the editor responsible for this blog with +20K visits a month. She puts her heart and soul in this website to make it better every day. In August 2015 Fiona decided to start using heatmaps to find out what her visitors are doing on the website.

Our first meeting on Google Hangouts was really cool and fun, we were wearing our masks for Halloween and scared Fiona and Angela (Jump Digital Director) a bit. Getting to know each other in a few minutes, trying to figure out what the current problems are on the website and setting a few goals so we know where we should aim for. After that hour we went back to the drawing board and created the "Schedule of Play".

Jeff and I started digging deep in Ptengine and looking at all data we could find on the popular blog. Click, attention heatmaps, page analysis, bounce rate and popular pages. Combining the goals and data we had we came up with a plan and test-strategy.

Start running A/B-tests

Photo of Fiona Roddis

"We've enjoyed the process working with Ptengine and using their platform to gain insights"

Fiona Roddis, Editor, Case study with Web Analytics World

Fiona developed the page herself and did an awesome job on it.

After 2 weeks of running the test we had enough data to see some significant results.


Ptengine showed us in a heatmap comparison some really good results.

Especially with the attention heatmap. We were able to see all the parts where visitors paid attention to and the things the ignored.

The good

- More visitors scroll down to the end of the page: 9% vs 2%

- The second article on the NEW homepage has been seen by 56% versus 25% on the OLD homepage

- Bounce rate dropped from 58% to 50%

- Visitors stayed longer on the page: 3:52 vs. 3:00 minutes

- 21% more clicks on the whole website

- Page load time went down to 1.22 vs. 1.79 seconds

- 91% more page views

- The orange Read more button got a lot of attention in the attention heatmap

The bad

- Email subscribers level stayed the same

- No clicks on social icons in the new version

- More clicks on commercial banner in the old version


We found a lot of small improvements and we did a lot of A/B-tests to improve on each component. Fiona and Angela are put still pushing trough a bunch of changes using Ptengine and we wish them the best with their awesome blog!

Checkout their new website: