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A/B testing in 2020


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It’s that time of the year again, jingle bells are chiming, people are ready to buy gifts for their loved one and we are ready to start a brand new year in a couple of weeks. 2020 is right around the corner, and you are ready to rock your marketing plan for the upcoming year. But before you roll out your marketing plan for 2020, take a moment to check to see if you are incorporating A/B testing and personalization in the success of your organizational goals.  

Before we delve too deep with A/B testing, ask yourself this question: “how much of personalized experience have I experienced so far this year 2019?”. By personalized experience here I mean in the digital world. Has amazon hit their suggestions right on point for you or did Netflix help you choose the perfect next binge-worthy drama for you? Like it or not A/B testing, experimentation and personalization all these are becoming part of your daily routine. You also can do the same and more for the year 2020: Start giving your audience the personalized experience that they want. 71% of the companies are doing two or more A/B tests per month (Invesp). The market is saturated and the attention span for every individual is decreasing day by day. In order to stand out in the market, implementing test-driven data marketing is crucial for the success of your business.  

Here are a few things that you need to implement in 2020 to increase your ROI:

Webpage A/B testing: 

Website A/B testing is the easiest and fastest way to start implementing tests in your marketing plan. With software like Ptengine, it’s just a matter of a few clicks and you will be ready to engage with an insightful data optimization platform. 

Segment your audience while testing and customize your tests according to your branding. This will make sure that you are targeting the right people at the right time. Seamless transition from one device to another is also another one of the important elements in making personalization successful. You want to remove as much friction as possible for your user, in that way you can directly impact your users.  

Inside Ptengine you are able to select templates based on your content and type of action that you want people to take. There are numerous themes to choose from and you can always customize your own. To make sure that your tests are running smoothly, A/B testing platforms usually provide you with an insightful dashboard which is easy to understand.  

A dashboard like above will give you a real-time report which is easy to understand. Start implementing and investing in webpage A/B testing in 2020. This will help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry and convert your visitors to customers.  

Learn More about Ptengine engage function.  

Effective A/B testing  

In 2020, starting with A/B testing is great but with the fast pace changes in consumer habits in the digital world, there are tons of exciting new things happening in the digital landscape. However, to successfully implement A/B testing is another challenge. In this rapidly evolving technological era, you need the right tools and right partners to be successful.  

If you have been doing digital marketing or any form of web-based advertisement, you’ve already started to feel that the market is becoming more saturated and the cost of advertising (Facebook ads, Google Ads) increasing rapidly with less and less reach for the dollar amount you spent. In order to effectively market your content, you need to make sure that the contents that you are pushing in these platforms are highly optimized. Effective A/B testing is one of the competitive advantage factors that will give you an edge among your competitors. 

In the above image, you can see how you can test the same content with different elements to make sure that the content that you will be pushing out in the market is a winner. With mobile users in mind, effective A/B testing is said to be effectively tested when you have the results from cross devices (desktop and mobile).[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Over 49% of consumers use mobile phones for shopping. With mobile shoppers in mind, you need to choose partners that have effective design tools for the mobile-responsive platform. With Ptengine’s engage function, you can create mobile-responsive designs in a short amount of time and start testing right away.  

Machine learning and A/B testing 

Big Data, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT and Industry 4.0, are the buzzwords that you hear frequently in today’s tech world. Well, it’s not just buzzwords, rather things are already coming into play. Like the above example about Netflix and Amazon, machine learning has become part of the digital world for a few years now. 

As we head towards 2020, machine learning will become part of our digital world sooner than we think. Therefore, it is critical to choose your partners who are constantly changing with the evolving technology. At PTMIND with our product Ptengine, we are heading towards Machine Learning and AI-based operations, with our partners in mind, we are constantly evolving to make algorithms work for you. 

Integrated data with A/B testing 

There are hundreds of Martech tools out there in the market that can do A/B testing for you and give you the results for your A/B tests, but there are only a few tools that give you both A/B testing and post-result analysis tool. Google Analytics is one of them but GA is very hard to analyze and implement. Ptengine, on the other hand, takes pride in making data simple and easy to understand for anyone. It is extremely important to integrate the post data strategy to be successful in making an impact on your users. Every person in the office should be able to analyze and your data as seamlessly as possible. 

Having a simple as well as easily implementable data tool is crucial for the success of your 2020 marketing plan. No matter what your business size is, Ptengine can help you grow together with data. Our easy to use dashboard comes with one of the most powerful funnel conversion tools that can deploy, integrate, converse as well as create events at the same time. 


The digital world is becoming more and more sophisticated as we read this article. 2020 is right around the corner, and it’s time for businesses to deliver a personalized experience across the platform to their users. Implementing A/B testing in your 2020 marketing plan is a great way to start with a personalized experience and data-driven marketing. A/B testing is invaluable when it comes to improving your website’s conversion rates. 

If you start implementing A/B testing strategies, optimizing your website as well as an overall marketing strategy can help you deliver the ROI that you want. 

If you found this article useful, spread the word and start engaging with your customers today and give them the personalized experience that they want. 

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